A 3-minute introduction to Energie Jeunes

Since 2012, a number of Verlingue employees have been involved in the Energie Jeunes scheme, helping out in lower-secondary schools in underprivileged districts, mainly in the North and East of France.

A sweeping scientific study was launched in 2014 to gauge exactly how effective the Energie Jeunes scheme is. Under the French education ministry’s supervision, faculty and researchers from Sciences Po, Universit√© Paris-Dauphine, Ecole Normale Sup√©rieure and the J-PAL laboratory assessed the support given to 20,000 students at nearly 100 lower-secondary schools.

The study’s findings show that the scheme has had a significant impact on “social fatalism” and the academic results of lower-secondary school students in underprivileged districts. The findings also suggest new lines of research to make the scheme even more effective.