AMRAE has published the 2nd edition of its LUCY study: ” LUmière sur la CYberassurance “, with the contribution of Verlingue

AMRAE – Association pour le Management des Risques et des Assurances de l’Entreprise – has published the second edition of LUCY ” LUmière sur la CYberassurance “, a comprehensive study of cyber risk insurance coverage in France.


It covers all aspects of cyber insurance: coverage rate of companies, amount of subscribed capacities, number of declared claims, their origin, their direct and indirect financial impact, the amount of compensation…


“Good news: the market has regained its overall balance, prevention has paid off, high intensity claims have decreased but only for large companies.
Bad news: the purge and horseplay the insurance industry has administered has led to large companies leaving it.”

Oliver Wild, Chairman of AMRAE and Director of Risk and Insurance at Veolia.


The results are from a survey of seven corporate risk brokers, including Verlingue, conducted in February-March 2022.


The LUCY 2022 study in a few key figures:

– A 4.4% drop in the coverage rate in the large corporate segment
– Large companies account for 82% of the premium volume paid for cyber coverage
– An increase of 44.4% in the volume of premiums paid by all insured companies
– Nearly €4 million in deductibles reached on average for large companies