Protect your assets and your income statement

Your plant, IT infrastructure and warehousing are key production tools. How would a major loss impact your business? Verlingue advises, negotiates and manages Property Damage and Business Interruption programmes for hundreds of companies.

Your needs / Our solutions

Identify your risk exposures and the potential consequences of any loss on your business activities and revenue streams.

Sites are subject to numerous and varied risks and hazards – regulation, supplier dependency, malicious damage, fire and flood. You require an overall vision before taking risk management decisions.

Loss prevention and asset protection plans that are appropriate to your financial and business exposures

Installing sprinklers on a production line or in a warehouse or protecting a sales outlet against burglary. Prevention and protection measures cost money, but the effect of a loss can be significant. You want to be able to choose the most appropriate solution.

Find the right balance between self retention and insurance

Set tolerable deductible levels, arrange the right level of material damage cover on fixed and non-fixed assets. Calculate the most appropriate indemnity period for business interruption insurance. You want the right level of insurance for these key risks.

Full support in the event of a claim

Taking immediate action, safeguarding rights of recourse against third parties, building the claim file for presentation to the insurer, requiring first instalment payments. We hold your hand throughout the claims process.

The voice of an expert

«The loss prevention measures we took were aimed at obtaining the best cover, especially Business Interruption, but also getting the best value for money.»

Philippe Cougard, Legal director at Groupe Omnium*


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* Omnium is a French off-the-peg clothing retailer (Devred, Burton and Eurodif). It employs 3,400 staff in 500 retail outlets in France and abroad. Sales in 2013 amounted to EUR 536m.

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