Benjamin Verlingue co-signs an opinion piece on the importance of the transfer of ownership in French SMEs

Benjamin Verlingue, Deputy Managing Director of Verlingue’s international subsidiaries, and Managing Director of Adelaide Group’s development, has co-signed an article on the transfer of small and medium-sized companies, entitled “Economic Sovereignty: why French ambition will depend on the new leaders of small and medium-sized companies” and published in Les Echos on Friday 5 August.


In the next 10 years, the landscape of family-owned SMEs in France will undergo an unprecedented transformation: 1 in 2 SMEs will be transferred. Half of these territorial champions will therefore be headed by a new manager, aged forty on average! The key to the emergence of this new generation? A wave of successful transmissions! It is on this wave that will depend the perpetuation of France’s know-how and economic development, and the solution to the equation that links national reindustrialisation and European sovereignty!


This article is written in the context of the intra-family transmission of the Adelaide Group. Benjamin Verlingue will take over from his father, Jacques Verlingue, as Chairman from 2024.


The letter was also co-signed by : Cécile Cantrelle, President of Alsapan; Pauline Boucon Duval, General Manager of the Duval Group; Boris Derichebourg, President of Derichebourg Multiservices; Alexandra Mathiolon, General Manager of SERFIM; Caroline Poissonnier, General Manager of the Baudelet Environnement Group; Clément Quéguiner, President of Quéguiner and Caroline Semin, General Manager of the Semin Group.