Covid-19: 11% of medical consultations are done remotely since the coronavirus crisis

The period of confinement caused by the coronavirus leads patients to desert doctors’ surgeries in favour of teleconsultation (or remote medical consultation by videotransmission). Recent figures from the National Health Insurance Fund show an exponential increase in reimbursed teleconsultation procedures, from 1 to 11% of all consultations.


There are 2 ways to benefit from a teleconsultation:


The public system created in 2018, also known as telemedicine, which is reimbursed by the social security system under certain conditions, including compliance with the coordinated care pathway.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic wave, social security has relaxed its conditions.

It now allows patients presenting symptoms of infection or known to be suffering from covid-19 to consult a remote doctor outside the care pathway and without having had a physical consultation with this practitioner beforehand.

The consultation is 100% covered by the National Health Insurance Fund until April 30, 2020 (based on the conventional rate).

These new temporary conditions explain its strong development.


Private remote medical teleconsultation services, which are provided for in certain private medical & employee benefits plans, without any conditions regarding the course of treatment or pathology.

This service, available 24/7, is delivered in complete confidentiality by practitioners registered with the French Medical Association (Ordre des Médecins).

To access the service, employees have access to a call number or a secure platform.

This service is also growing rapidly.


If you have any questions regarding the implementation of this system, please contact us.