Covid-19: Maintenance of protection systems

The news about COVID_19 and its consequences (confinement, temporary unemployment, shutdown of activities etc.) remind us that industrial, commercial or administrative premises could be shut down for an unknown period of time.


During this period of inactivity, particular attention should be paid to fire protection systems in order to protect your assets.





All automatic installations (fire detection systems and burglar alarms) should be placed in the “normal / automatic” mode. None of these systems should be placed in “manual” or shut down mode (even partially).


Anti break-in system


– As soon as a building is closed down, all detection areas should be operational and active.


– Check that all internal and external CCTV cameras work


– Ensure that images can be viewed on external digital devices (Laptops or Smartphones).


– Burglar alarms as well as line test schedules should be maintained. False alarms (due to animals, temperature or humidity for example) must be resolved not by shutting down the system or by disabling concerned areas but by eliminating causes.



Fire detection and suppression systems


– All detection systems should be maintained and operational


– Ensure that diesel motor pumps are placed in “automatic” mode. The fuel tanks have to be full. Please not forget to fill in before leaving buildings.


– Reset the fire control panel. No out of service area should be reported.


– Identify duty staff to intervene if required


– During the period of closure, weekly fire detection system tests may be suspended. However, maintaining the process of replacing the pressure gauge bands on a weekly basis is advised. During this process, sprinklers areas (fire pump rooms) have to be inspected to be sure all key valves remain in “open” position.


– During this time, particular attention should be given to alarms. If an alarm goes off, dedicated duty staff must visit the site to ensure that everything is in order.



Please note

During the confinement time, sprinkler systems and fire detection systems installation may be in an impaired state (regular maintenance). It means that usual operations are not always carried out. However, breakdown service and emergency maintenance operations will be carried out.



If you have any question, please feel free to contact the Prevention Department at: direction.prevention@verlingue.fr.