Covid-19: Consequences of confinement measures on Liability and Cyber insurances

Remote working activities do not affect the validity of your insurances contracts.


On the one hand, if a person is not physically present in the offices, the employee working remotely benefits from all their company’s health and safety rights.


Therefore, if he or she were injured during working hours, this incident could be considered as an accident at work and be covered under a general liability contract if it were found to be due to the employer’s negligence.


On the other hand, remote working risks involving damage to work property provided to your employees, protection of sensitive data, as well as professional indemnity relating to their work activity are covered by property damage, cyber and general liability contracts.


If the remote worker uses personal property in the course of his or her work, it is not covered by the employer. It may therefore be necessary to take out specific cover for these items.


It is advisable to ask remote workers for their comprehensive home insurance certificate to ensure that damage to space used for working in their home is covered.


Finally, the French government has drawn our attention to the fact that cybercriminals may abuse this extraordinary situation and take advantage of the haste and reduced vigilance of users due to intensive digital use and paperfree procedures.


Please remember


Exercise caution with:

– Messages (email, SMS, chat…) or phone calls from an unknown or unexpected origin, or attachments that block material or encrypt files asking for a ransom.

– Fake orders or changes to fraudulent bank transfers

– Scams, cyber-attacking works:

– Fraudulent donations

– False sales sites for surgical masks (FFP2), hydroalcoholic gel, medical teleconsultation, miracle drugs or experimental vaccines

– Miracle solutions to the CORONAVIRUS – COVID19



Apply basic cyber security measures to stay as protected as possible:


– Make regular backups of your data (computers, phone…) and keep a separate copy of them.

– Apply security updates to connected equipment (servers, computers, phones…) as soon as they are available.

– Use unique and strong passwords, and enable dual authentication whenever possible.

– Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or remote screen saver if not available.



Contact your usual Verlingue contact if you have any questions.