“Despite the recent global cyber attacks, companies remain poorly informed “

Read the interview with Christian Belval (Specialty Insurance Director at Verlingue) during the DFCG Summer University on cybersecurity and big data.


Christian Belval: “Despite the media coverage of recent global cyber attacks, companies remain poorly informed on the way to counter such external attacks.


In a majority of cases, the issue of computer security remains at IT management level. However, according to a recent study, 70% of those in charge of IT security do not know how to face up to a cyber attack because they are unaware of criticality levels in terms of the organisation’s business model.


Christian Belval: “CFOs and administrative directors should be directly involved and share information on the organisation’s critical issues with IT management so as to put in place the right protections and loss strategies in-house.


80% of cyber-attack issues are not technological but human. A majority of crisis events could have been avoided by training staff, particularly in compliance with IT best practices.

It is absolutely crucial to correctly identify the organisation’s vital assets, keep up efforts to promote a culture of resilience and widen the thought process to include the whole ecosystem (suppliers, customers, other players and supervisory authorities). Security policy must not lie with just certain individuals, it must be transverse, involving all parties interacting with the organisation. It is essential that everyone is aware of cyber threats and their own responsibilities. Company management must also be ready to get involved and take the right decisions. There is no room for improvisation. This means implementing detection, but also building the right organisational structure within the company able to react in the event of a cyber-crisis. “

Christian Belval: “At Verlingue we have given a lot of thought to the crisis that could be caused by a cyber attack on our customers’ organisations. In order to face such issues we have been working with several insurers so that a panel of experts is available to act directly with those companies as soon as a crisis comes to light. If action is not taken immediately, the company could find itself powerless. “


Integrating cyber issues into the risk management process is capital.

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