Defigena: 1,500 runners and walkers came together to support cystic fibrosis research

On Sunday, 1,500 people took part in the 9th edition of Defigena (“the genetic research challenge”). Thanks to them and to the donations from the partners Verlingue, Génération, Salaün Holidays, and Decathlon: 30,000 euros will be given to cystic fibrosis research! Thank you everyone!


After a collective warm-up to music with a team of sports coaches, the events succeeded one another in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere: children’s circuit, 5-km walk, and 10-km run along the beaches of Île Tudy.


Since it was started in 2011, Defigena has enabled over €200,000 to be collected for research.

All of the funds and donations are paid over in full to Professor Claude Férec’s INSERM research laboratory in Brest. It will enable the laboratory to research the treatment prospects in more depth and to make progress, every year, in raising the life expectancy of cystic fibrosis sufferers.


This year, thanks to donations from the partners (Decathlon, and Salaün Holidays), to those from the founding companies, Verlingue and Génération, and to the 1,500 participants, the mark of 30,000 euros paid over to cystic fibrosis research was reached!


A big thank-you also to the volunteers, without whom Defigena would not exist!