Expansion, Disruption and Internationalisation: three salient dimensions of the 2016 Start-Up Panorama #PELA

For this 24th edition of the Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards organised by EY and L’Express with Verlingue, 196 companies were competing for the Start-Up Of The Year Award. This award was created over ten years ago, and sets out to highlight the remarkable track records of young entrepreneurs as they create value and wealth.


France is a fertile land in terms of creation and innovation and, in recent years, it has shown that it offers an ever more conducive climate for the development of start-ups. This appetite for entrepreneurship is reflected in the unprecedented enthusiasm of French youth aspiring to become entrepreneurs and by the emergence of fast-growth start-ups, some of which have become international champions such as Criteo or BlaBlacar.


Expansion, Disruption, Internationalisation: these are the major features of the companies who excel today. The spirit of innovation embodied by these start-ups has opened the way to new businesses, placing digital concepts at the heart of their activity and displaying international ambition.


Aware of the richness of its entrepreneurial roots, France enjoys an ever more virtuous ecosystem that today enables our start-ups to access finance and go for growth. The amounts invested in start-ups in the first half of 2016 beat all records with funds raised of more than a billion Euros.


As we move into 2017, a watershed year in France, let’s take a look at the latest Start-Up Panorama conducted with candidates from the 2016 Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards programme.