How e-health enters into the lives of French people

Remote medical examinations using teleconsultation, online accessibility of all medical data, paperless prescriptions and the simplification of information sharing between all healthcare professionals etc.


In order to make up for lost time in respect of e-health, the French government has launched an extensive investment plan to digitise the sector.


Everything should be in place by the end of the five-year period. Complementary health insurers are also taking a strong interest in digital services.


France is entering fully into the e-health era. The new Health Minister, Agnès Buzyn, has added a chapter dedicated to digital technologies in each of her major strategic plans. Worthy of note is the most recent plan under development, the Healthcare System Transformation plan, in which one of the five points is “the acceleration of the digital revolution“. This has been long overdue, as France is lagging behind other developed countries. In the engagement letter that the minister sent to the working group tasked with presenting her with proposals by the end of May, she explains that “France is lagging behind in the deployment of digital technologies”, and that there is a requirement to quickly establish “a strategy to strengthen the digital revolution in the healthcare system”. Agnès Buzyn wishes to mobilise “a genuine digital innovation culture, particularly as regards new services offered to patients and connected objects”. (…)


Services that are designed to improve well-being and encourage healthy lifestyles, using coaching applications relating to nutrition, sleep or tobacco, for example, are also becoming an emerging trend.


These offers are usually well marketed but their take-up by employees involves an investment of human resources in deployment, by means of regular and dedicated social communications” commented Jean-Marc Esvant, Head of Social Protection at insurance broker Verlingue. (…)


Mireille Weinberg – L’Opinion