Managing your multinational risks

Your business is expanding abroad. Through its partners in  WBN (Worldwide Broker Network), Verlingue has a presence in more than 100 countries, offering services across all continents.

Your needs / Our solutions

Understanding your risks wherever you are located

You want a clear and consistent picture of the risk exposures of your business’s subsidiaries worldwide, and to be certain you understand and comply with local legal and contractual insurance requirements. Equally, you want access to key management information to support your business and your staff, wherever they are located.

Optimise your insurance spend and benefit from integrated insurance cover worldwide

You want to make sure that your local subsidiary pays the right price for the level of cover desired. You are looking for cover that fits your risk exposures worldwide and group-level cover for the risks that local insurers cannot provide. You are seeking to optimise your global insurance budget for both business risks and employee benefits.

Providing support for your subsidiaries all over the world

You want to support your local managers by helping them optimise their insurance programmes, and by providing them with the service they need.

Discover the largest independent broker network in the world

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