International mobility for employees: from identifying challenges to managing mobility on a daily basis

In partnership with EY, Verlingue held a conference on international mobility for employees on 19 June in Bordeaux.


Security, social cover and taxation are just some of the decisive factors vital to the success of international mobility postings for both the employee and employer. With complex and constantly-changing social security and tax rules, recent changes in case law are making it necessary for companies to update their practices to make international mobility postings for their staff more secure.


Run by experts from EY and Verlingue, this event covered a number of key issues:

• A recap of the notions of secondment and expatriation.
• The criteria influencing the different choices.
• The legal obligations to provide protection and social cover for this unique category of staff.
• The practical aspects of implementation, taking account of labour and social protection laws.
• Support for companies and staff in order to ensure effective management of international mobility.
• Tax rules applicable to employees on mobility assignments and available incentives.