Protect your image and your customer relationships

Legal liability, claims against directors, adverse publicity, globalisation and emerging risks…… your organisation and its risk exposures are constantly changing. Verlingue arranges insurance and risk management solutions for firms in all sectors from SMEs to multinationals.

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Manage your risks with the right risk assessment tools, continually reviewing your liability risk exposures

Neglecting to give sufficient advice, putting a defective product on the market, a workplace accident, environmental impairment, claims against directors or officers. The potential scenarios in which your organisation and its directors can be held liable are numerous. In today’s ever-changing and complex legal environment, you need to “map out your risks”, regularly evaluate liabilities, seek effective advice on risk prevention and mitigation, but also source the right insurance protection.

Protect your brand image in the event of claims against you or media attacks

A customer holds you liable, your company comes under media fire, your reputation is tarnished, you want advice on protecting and preserving your brand image.

Benefit from robust and effective handling of third party claims

Advice and assistance as soon as an event that may trigger a claim occurs. Benefit from effective and timely coordination of all parties involved in a claim. Receive management information detailing ongoing issues and benefit from a robust defence of your interests, preserving your image and business relationships. It is critical that your claims management needs are well looked after.

The voice of an expert

«In 90% of companies, the CEO only takes an interest in cybercrime when the reputation of the business or the brand is likely to be affected, or when they become a direct victim themselves. So, be proactive. Ask yourself a few simple questions…»

Emmanuel Daoud, partner in the law firm Vigo


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