Newsletter n°28 November 2017: Cyber risks – a continuous threat

Headlines: Cyber risks – a continuous threat

More than a quarter of all French SMEs and ETIs fell victim to cyber crime last year, but hardly 5% of them are insured against risks of this kind that have become major. The threat continues to grow, and cyber attacks are becoming increasingly complex and diverse. How to reduce your exposure and protect your company?


Complementary topic: Complementary social protection – a quick overview before new reforms take place

Social protection featured prominently in debates during the last presidential election campaign. Findings and imperatives largely concur in terms of dealing with the healthcare deficit or improved access to care. Social Security for its part continues to complicate its nomenclature and pass on the burden to complementary insurance (cf. recent announcements regarding the Draft Budget Bill). It remains far removed from the reality of medical practices and the costs suffered by insured parties (e.g. medical procedures that are not recognised by Social Security).


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Data sheet: Cyber Solution by Verlingue – Dealing with a cyber crisis