The selection of the Opinion – Absenteeism

Find Verlingue in the Opinion report dated 9 April 2019 dedicated to absenteeism.


Assessment as the first step in the fight against absenteeism
Harnessing knowledge to take action. Such is the mantra that all Human Resources Departments (HRDs) must adopt to fight absenteeism at work. Because any army general will say it: you have to know your enemies well to be able to fight them. “First of all, an audit must be carried out. Identify the causes of absenteeism and what it costs the company,” says Pascale Breton, Director of the Consulting Division of Prévia, a firm specialised in occupational health and well-being (…).


A wide range of solutions to prevent rather than cure
The time when companies simply displayed posters praising the merits of quitting smoking or the importance of eating at least five fruits and vegetables a day is over. To encourage their employees to take care of themselves and, by extension, not to get sick, most people understood that they needed to go further (…).


“Without an action plan, the cost of absenteeism will increase”
Eric Maumy is the General Manager of the insurance broker Verlingue.
How are employees covered for work stoppages?
“The arrangements vary greatly depending on collective agreements, seniority and the additional insurance arrangements set up by companies. The accumulation of three levels of compensation (social security, employer, pension contract) generates complexity and poor readability for the employee. In our portfolio, the risk of incapacity/disability is very largely covered, which we recommend to companies, which need guidance on these matters” (…).


Medical check-ups: an effective tool that still needs to be improved
The “Social Security” monitoring visits are not a myth. “However, they are not systematic and of the 7 million work stoppages per year, i.e. 234 million compensated days, less than a quarter are monitored by the Social Security system,” says Jean-Marc Esvant, Director of Social Protection at Verlingue. Visits are made to the home of the employee on sick leave. In practice, the inspector sworn in by the Health Insurance Company checks that the person is present at home and that the work stoppage is still medically justified on the day of the inspection (…).


“Absenteeism rate is one of our criteria for incentive payments”
Cédric Blache is Human Resources Director of Toyota Material Handling France.
Why is your company concerned about absenteeism at work?
“Historically, we had a low absenteeism rate, around 2.5%. In comparison, our sector of activity, forklift trucks and material handling equipment, is just under 4%. In 2017, our rate rose to 3.17% and then to 3.9% in 2018. Our primary asset is our employees. We could not afford to let this situation get worse” (…).