Out-of-pocket payments increase on complementary health cover

Concurrent with making complementary health insurance available to companies, the reform of responsible contracts has gone almost unnoticed. It is starting however to have an impact… an undesirable one: dissatisfaction is on the rise in companies, with employees facing every growing out-of-pocket payments for healthcare. At a time when the government is pledging to eliminate out-of-pocket payments for French people on vision correction, dental prostheses and hearing aids, it’s almost a paradox! “On complementary health insurance, including all expense items, out-of-pocket payments have increased by 10% following the establishment of new responsible contract rules”, explains Jean-Marc Esvant, Head of Social Protection at insurance broker Verlingue.


Almost 98% of complementary health insurance on the market currently meets the requirements of responsible contracts, enacted by public authorities and which impose minimum guarantees on certain healthcare costs and coverage ceilings on others.




Mireille Weinberg – L’Opinion