Improve your payment protection offerings

You are a bank, a financial institution or an insurance business. Verlingue has developed an in-depth knowledge of your market so as to be able to help you to manage your own risks, by arranging payment protection insurance (PPI) programmes and in the distribution of insurance solutions.

Your needs / Our solutions

Protect your business and your employees, as simply as possible

Analyse your business so as to identify your risk exposures, your employee benefit issues and the impact of major events on your organisation. Working with you, we determine the best strategy for risk management and protection of the workforce – the simplest and most efficient strategy possible.

Our teams are specialists in corporate protection and are composed of engineers, lawyers, financiers, tax professionals and insurance specialists. They work together to deliver a strategic vision of the challenges you face and design an insurance programme to suit your needs.

Innovative solutions to enhance your product range and meet the needs of your borrowing clients

Design and implement payment protection insurance (PPI) solutions adapted to different customer and loan profiles (consumer loans, mortgage lending or company borrowing), and your sales policy. In today’s changing competitive and regulatory environment, you need a partner who has in-depth knowledge of your market. Verlingue brings you expert management from policy underwriting through to claims settlement.


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Generating income by distributing insurance products

You are looking to put in place an affinity group insurance scheme, you want to market an insurance solution or enhance an existing product? Coverlife (Adelaide group), specialists in insurance distribution, can take you through the whole value chain: identifying the solution, designing the product right through to marketing, with scheme management that generates customer satisfaction.



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