Property: from CIDRE to IRSI – the introduction of a new convention

Verlingue’s Property Mornings “Matinales de l’Immobilier” are continuing to tour France with recent stopovers including Marseille and Montpellier. Over fifty professionals attended these workshops devoted to the IRSI convention (“Convention d’Indemnisation et de Recours des Sinistres Immeuble” – Compensation and Recourse for Property Claims).


The challenge of the IRSI convention: a complete reworking of how small-scale claims (0 – 5,000 Euros) are handled
A first stage in the handling of water damage and fire claims giving:
– Better service for policyholders
– Simplified claims handling
– Analysis of the financial impact of charge transfers included in the convention
A second stage aims to draw up an appraisal of these new provisions


General principles of the IRSI convention:
– The CIDRE convention (“Convention d’Indemnisation Directe et de Renonciation à recours en dégats des Eaux” – Direct Indemnity and Waiver of Water Damage Recourse Convention) is repealed as of the application date of the IRSI convention
– The other conventions, particularly CIDE-COP (“Convention d’Indemnisation Dégats des Eaux dans la Copropriété” – Convention on Indemnity for Water Damage in Co-ownership Properties) continue to apply for claims that do not fall within the framework of the IRSI convention.
The provisions of the IRSI convention take precedence over all other texts within the limits of their scope.
– The convention is applicable to claims for Water Damage and Fire occurring after 1st June 2018.
– Where there is any doubt about the date of the incident (before or after 01/06/2018) the IRSI convention takes precedence.