Risk engineering and loss prevention

Protecting your property and ensuring your company continues trading are your main priorities. In addition to your insurance programmes, Verlingue can provide you with support and advice on managing your operational risks and designing an optimum risk management strategy.

Your needs / Our solutions

Obtain an analysis of your risk exposures and an assessment of the potential financial impact

You would like to carry out an assessment of your risks and obtain an objective opinion from professional risk engineers – independently of your insurer. You are looking for recommendations that will reduce the financial impact of identified exposures.

Loss prevention plan and risk management training

You need a loss prevention plan that is kept continually up-to-date continually and tailored to your business activities. You are looking to maintain and develop best risk management practices.

Receive support in managing your projects

You have plans for a new acquisition, an extension or perhaps the installation of fire or intruder protection. You are looking for support so as to be fully compliant with current rules and regulations. You require assistance and advice from the feasibility phase right through to handover of the installation, seeking alternative and innovative solutions that match your risk exposure.

The voice of an expert

«Over the last financial year, we have reduced our total claims cost by 16% and halved the number of bodily injury accidents! Insurers have been particularly appreciative of the actions we have taken. We feel it is important to project a positive image to put us in a strong negotiating position.»

Martine Verdeau, , Elior Group Insurance and Risk Management director


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