Safely restarting operations

Different events (long-term maintenance, strikes, pandemics, denial of access, etc.) may lead to a stoppage of activity in administrative, commercial or industrial buildings, for periods of varying length. Once these events have been absorbed, consideration can be given to the resumption of operations, subject however to the implementation of preventive / protection measures.


What are the risks?


Processes of resuming operations following a stoppage, particularly with regard to utilities and production equipment, increase the risk of fire and machine breakage.


Verlingue’s recommendations


1. Operations to be performed before resuming operations


– Conduct a detailed visual inspection of utilities: electricity, heating, cooling system, compressed air, IT, etc.


– Conduct a detailed visual inspection of production equipment with a view to assessing its status prior to any resumption: fluid levels (oil, water, etc.), proper lubrication, non-presence of foreign bodies, etc.


– Ensure that fire protection systems are operational (sprinklers, specific protective systems, etc.)


– Ensure that all process safeties are operational: emergency stops, pressure and temperature probes, collection systems (gas, dust, etc.) and ventilation, and physical and intangible barriers.


– Reinstate all preventive procedures (fire permits, safety inspections, etc.)


2. Restarting of facilities


– Ensure that supplier instructions are strictly observed, as for example with the commissioning of equipment.


– Restart utilities gradually and in stages, without load then under load. Monitor utilities more closely for approximately ten days.


– Restart production equipment at a lower rate. It is inadvisable to aim for 100% (or more, to make up for delays) of production capacity upon resumption. Test phases are the key to optimal resumption. It is recommended that a human presence be maintained.


3. Resumption of a nominal production rate


– Use infrared thermography to check electrical installations within 3 months following the resumption of operations.


– Resume normal operations: predictive/preventive maintenance, CMMS, etc.



For any questions, please contact Verlingue’s prevention department at direction.prevention@verlingue.fr