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Discover Verlingue in the dossier by l’Opinion dated 19 January 2018 focusing on social protection.


Health spending: the brain-teaser of the zero after-insurance cost

It’s a promise from the President: at the end of his five-year term in office, French people no longer need to pay anything for their glasses, dentures or hearing aids. Healthcare professionals, health product manufacturers, insurance or mutual insurance companies, health insurance, etc… Everybody will need to make an effort. The first announcements are expected this year (…).


The most efficient healthcare networks are in the eye care sector

Insurers who complain of blindly paying out from behind the social security system, have created risk management tools, healthcare networks. They are involved on expenditure items for the most part covered by complementary insurance and on which they can take positive action, namely eye care, dental care and hearing aids (…).


What place is there for complementary organisations?

The French healthcare system is constructed in two tiers – basic health insurance and complementary insurance – a clever mix of public and private systems. Over time, complementary healthcare insurance has become increasingly important. In 2014, it represented 13.5% of overall spending, versus 12.8% in 2006 (…).

“With responsible policies, the after-insurance cost has taken off”


What preliminary assessment can you make of the generalisation of complementary healthcare insurance?

Eric Maumy, Chief Executive of insurance broker Verlingue had this to say: “All businesses have been under an obligation to offer healthcare insurance to their employees since 1 January 2016. This has not made much difference in large firms which were, for the most part, already covered. The generalisation has above all concerned small businesses and, from that point of view, the assessment is positive. The government has made businesses the central pivot in terms of complementary health insurance (…). ”


It is possible to control one’s risks and related price increases!

2018 is no exception to the rule: mutual insurance rates have increased significantly. This is ongoing, with annual increases of 3% on average. Thierry Beaudet, the chairman of Mutualité française, has announced increases of between 3% to 4% for 2018, i.e. a relatively moderate mark-up with regard to other announcements: 4.5% on average at AXA, 4.80% at Generali, 4.9% at Malakoff Médéric and sometimes up to 5% or 6% of rise. (…).