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Personal protection, private medical plans, pensions, and employee benefits are at the heart of your HR strategy. Verlingue advises, negotiates and manages employee benefits for companies of all sizes from SMEs to multinationals.

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Innovative and flexible solutions

Putting in place the right private medical or personal protection plans for your people, designing financing for your employee benefit strategy that is appropriate now and for the future, offering extra medical cover to your staff or transferee schemes for those reaching retirement, finding solutions to manage your work-related accident and occupational disease risks … Your needs are many and varied and it is critical to find the right solutions.

Benefit from information on the impact of legislation on your employee benefit schemes

In order to benefit from tax and social concessions, your insurance programmes must comply with strict regulations. How can you navigate such a complex and constantly changing legislative environment? What steps must company management take by law?

Keeping control of your budget with the increasing needs of your workforce and the withdrawal of state benefits

At a time when the State is withdrawing welfare benefits, how can you help your staff with healthcare expenses by offering them the best cover? What tools do you require in order to understand the healthcare spending of your employees and drive your complementary employee benefit schemes now and in the future; identify, manage and reduce days lost amongst your workforce; put in place risk prevention policies; make healthcare an issue shared by the whole of your organisation…

Scheme management that adds value

To be paid quickly, with real time information and payments made directly to the healthcare provider, wherever possible, obtain medical attention in emergencies, customer service – your staff have high expectations of their health insurance schemes. To enrol a new employee or remove a leaver, and to be able to circulate reliable documents to your employees, your HR department needs strong back up to deal with what are often sensitive issues for the business and its employees.

Promote the employee benefit packages you offer

How can you demonstrate the value of employee benefits in your overall staff remuneration? How can you promote your employee benefit schemes to staff representatives and involve them in developing your schemes further?

The voice of an expert

«Companies who operate in a particular sector, for which an insurer has been selected, should, in the short to medium term, be able to choose their own insurer.»

David Rigaud, lawyer


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