Taking on the Channel

Véronique Fresnel-Robin, a Paris-based Verlingue employee, set herself the challenge of swimming the Channel in 2020 in support of cancer research. The road to this extraordinary adventure has been marked by a lot of training and a first successful relay crossing after 15 hours of effort.


Véronique Fresnel-Robin swam a relay across the Channel on 5 July: “I experienced some difficult moments, especially when it got choppy after a very calm start, but I made it!


This first team challenge is one-step towards a greater challenge: a solo crossing of the 30-kilometer stretch of water between France and England in 2020.


Her motivation is very personal, and the aim is to raise funds for cancer research.


Few French citizens have pulled this off, and Véronique’s determination commands admiration given the complexity of this undertaking, as she explained to the media a few days ago:


To be officially recognized, a crossing may only be made in a swim costume, bathing cap and swim goggles; earplugs and grease are also accepted. During the crossing, swimmers may not board the ship. Nourishment is taken via a pole held out by the team on the boat, and swimmers may not cling to the pole. The difficulties are the cold, as the water temperature is between 14 and 17 degrees, the jellyfish, the currents, the smell of fuel from the boat, and the dense maritime traffic.”

Véronique is a member of a swimming club where she is coached several times a week by a trainer.


It was he who convinced me that even for me, the woman in the street, the English Channel wasn’t an impossible dream. I train in a pool with the club, in open water; I do many training courses and so on. Experience-sharing also helps a lot with preparation, and I am in contact with renowned extreme swimming experts who have very good advice,” she explained.


Verlingue is proud to support Véronique in this adventure and will provide regular updates on her journey towards her 2020 meeting with the English Channel.