The feature in L’Opinion magazine concerning Business Risks, devoted to the subject of cyber risks

Read the interviews with Gilles Bénéplanc, Managing Director of the Adelaïde Group and Verlingue and Frédéric Chaplain, Property and Casualty Director at Verlingue in L’Opinion magazine of 21 January 2021 devoted to Business Risks and cyber-resilience.


Cyber protection, a genuine urgency
In recent years, the risk of cyber attacks on companies has increased significantly, resulting in an increase in the number of ransomware attacks. These cyber attacks can have serious consequences on the company concerned, as well as on its ecosystem (customers, service providers, contracting authorities, etc.).


A priority for managers
A few years ago, cybersecurity was “something that was virtually unknown” among most business managers. The idea was synonymous with additional costs, a lack of means and resources.
Consequently, regulations were tightened to force people to put risk prevention measures in place and raise awareness.


Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM), a crucial position in organisations
The role of the Information Systems Department (ISD) has changed. It plays a cross-cutting role, which affects every type of activity and every business line in a company, but also all those involved in the company’s ecosystem (employees, partners, customers, suppliers, service providers).


The right practices to prevent an attack
“The question is no longer WHETHER companies will suffer a cyber attack, but WHEN it will happen” says Frédéric Chaplain, Director of the Property and Casualty Insurance Department at Verlingue.
In order to prevent risks as effectively as possible, it is essential to get the company quickly organised, divide tasks rigorously and put in place a best-practices guide that will mitigate the potential effects of a cyberattack (making regular outsourced backups, raising employee awareness, determining the vulnerable points in the information system).


“No business is safe from attack!”
The health crisis has accelerated the digital transformation, which has also increased companies’ exposure to cyber-risks, especially SMEs.
Every company that is (even slightly) connected and computerised may be concerned by cyberattacks. Nothing can protect them from an attack.


“Cyber insurance policies will become the professional liability or fire insurance policies of the 21st century.”
Cyber risks have become a highly topical subject, with companies becoming more aware of the threat posed by cyber criminals. With the increasing number of attacks, people are becoming more concerned and are doing everything they can to find solutions.
Gilles Bénéplanc, Managing Director of the Adelaïde Group and Verlingue, says “We are already seeing insurers refusing to provide professional liability insurance to corporate officers if they have not taken out cyber insurance”.