Transformation: Verlingue creates a “digital factory” in Nantes

The Verlingue brokerage firm has joined forces with Onepoint, a firm specialized in digital transformation assistance and advice, to create a “digital factory” that will be based in Nantes and will bring together multidisciplinary teams with a view to boosting corporate agility.


Thinking differently, changing culture, adopting new working methods… The brokerage firm Verlingue (9th in our 2018 ranking with turnover of €1.47 billion in 2017) has taken another step in its digital transformation establishing a “digital factory” via a three-year partnership with Onepoint, a company specialized in digital transformation assistance and advice (2,000 employees, €200 million turnover) that was founded by David Layani. This “digital factory” will be based in Nantes, but not on Verlingue premises. It will start off with a staff of around ten but will soon scale up.


Going deeper into transformation


We have innovated a great deal these last 15 years and created a lot of value with new technologies, as we saw recently with our loan insurance platform Assur@cces or our two platforms for real estate professionals, immo@ccess and DO@access,” explained Eric Maumy, Chief Executive of the brokerage firm. “But this phenomenon of digital transformation is accelerating. All professions are impacted. The insurtechs are changing things in terms of customer experience, but tomorrow, we are going to change business models on a deeper level. This will require phenomenal energy and efforts. Hence the partnership with Onepoint, to help the company move to the next level, support it and truly bring it into the 21st century.”


Multidisciplinary teams


How? This “digital factory” will bring together multidisciplinary teams, which, with the support of Onepoint consultants, will then make their digital expertise available to Verlingue and to the different entities of the Adélaïde Group. In short, this new entity is called to be an ambassador for change within the stockbroking group and to inject the company with a new way of working with a view to rapidly developing large-scale offerings of innovative services for Verlingue customers. “In an increasingly fast-paced world, digital transformation calls for an overall reinvention of the way in which companies organize themselves and operate in order to provide their customers with the best possible service, remain innovative and become more agile,” added David Layani. “Only a cross-cutting approach, combining all professions and centred on human accompaniment, can trigger a creative transformation of added value for both the company and its customers.”


A very high-quality ecosystem in Nantes


Why choose Nantes to set up this “digital factory”? There are many reasons. The main one? A very high quality local ecosystem. Nantes is the French city that created the most digital jobs in 2017. The sector, which is called “FrenchTech, features some 20,000 digital jobs and nearly 1,400 digital companies. Another asset: “from a logistics standpoint,” explains Eric Maumy, “Nantes is easy to reach for all of our teams throughout the country.


Customers associated with a co-construction approach


Another important point is that this “digital factory” is not merely the outcome of a partnership between an insurance actor and a transformation specialist. Customers of the brokerage firm are also urged to get involved. “We took six months to put this partnership together and choose the teams and consultants with whom we are going to work. As the idea was to adopt a co-construction approach with our customers in order to meet their needs as best possible, we also tested this new approach on some of them,” added Eric Maumy. “We experimented with two professions: lending and real estate. And we are currently experimenting in the social protection field.” Each time, customers (HR, bankers, building management agents or administrators of real estate) were involved via workshops, with clearly conclusive results.


Olivier Baccuzat – L’Argus de l’Assurance