A plan for our organisation, ambitions for yours

With #2018, our company project, we have set out to write a new page in our long history with our staff, our clients and our partners … our favourite page, the one about our shared future.

1 000 committed and passionate men and women

#the customer experience

Our #2018 ambition is to pursue and strengthen differentiation in our services, offering our customers advice, claims settling, reporting and risk management that is even simpler and more efficient. Our #2018 ambition is for 98% customer satisfaction.

#new territories

Our #2018 ambition is to evolve with an ever-changing world, to be agile, developing solutions that solve the issues facing our customers – provide them with support with new risks, be by their sides in all territories.


Our ambition #2018 is to remain at the leading edge of innovation, benefit from the most efficient digital solutions, recruit the best talent and have the capacity to invest so as to be able to offer our customers tangible added-value.

#our teams

Our #2018 ambition is to have committed teams, give them the means to flourish and grow, evolve with change and continue to satisfy our clients.

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