A plan for our organisation, ambitions for yours

With 2022, our company project, we have set out to write a new page in our long history with our staff, our clients and our partners … our favourite page, the one about our shared future.

1 100 committed and passionate men and women


Oceans are blue for those who dare. Cirque du Soleil have reinvented the performing arts. The audience have replaced the animals, but not the cats.


The horizon is endless. There are no limits for those with ambition. Netflix has conquered the world. Then the Oscars Trophies can lose their lustre or shine brilliantly.


Movement is lighter than air for those who defy the laws of gravity. The dancer Courtney Lavine from the American Ballet Theatre twirls behind the stage. Better to fly than have your wings clipped.


Fame only lasts for 15 minutes, team victories last forever. Andy Warhol’s Factory created a place for reflection, conversation and creativity for curious spirits. It is better to be in company than alone.

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