Verlingue accelerates its growth in Europe

A year after the acquisition of Advantis (Zurich), Jacques Verlingue (Chairman) and Eric Maumy (CEO) have announced a major partnership with a leading Swiss insurance broking firm: S&P Insurance Group (Luzern).


With the launch of their #2018 new strategic plan, Verlingue’s management announced their ambition to pursue the development of Verlingue in France whilst also seeking new growth opportunities in Europe, with the aim of making 2 international acquisitions.


One year after Advantis (Zurich) in 2016, Verlingue takes a stake in a leading insurance brokerage in Switzerland: S&P Insurance Group, headquartered in Luzern.


S&P Insurance Group specialises in risk management and employee benefits and is a major player in commercial insurances. It has a staff of 50 and handles premiums of CHF 300m (EUR 260m) on behalf of its clients –  mainly national and international large and medium-size companies and public-sector institutions.


S&P Insurance Group is a family-owned business that has based its development on the same criteria and values as Verlingue i.e. a high level of consulting and business management expertise, the satisfaction of its customers and the development of its talented staff.


Verlingue has worldwide reach through the WBN network and with this new external growth operation can:
– continue growth in Europe by confirming its interest in a country whose market features a dense economic ecosystem of SMEs, mid-market companies and large corporations,

– reinforce its international dimension by strengthening its expertise and know-how for the benefit of its clients.


S&P Insurance Group’s senior and middle management will continue to direct operations at S&P with Verlingue’s support and expertise. The overall objective is to accelerate the development of S&P Insurance Group in Switzerland by offering a greater differentiation in its services, with the support of the group’s know-how.




Jacques Verlingue – Chairman of Verlingue says: ”This new operation is fully in line with our strategic plan and illustrates the great plans that we have for Verlingue and more widely for the Adelaide Group. With Advantis a year ago, and S&P Insurance Group today, we have become a major player in an extremely dynamic market in the heart of Europe.”



Eric Maumy – Chief Executive Officer of Verlingue says: “With this operation, Verlingue continues its development in Europe and confirms its international focus which will benefit all our customers. S&P Insurance Group is a leading insurance broker in Switzerland and has specialist expertise in managing risk for large corporations, mid-market organisations and top-level public institutions. We are very much looking forward to working with S&P’s management.”