Verlingue and art

Help to raise the profile of culture, share beauty and encourage knowledge. Art, whether it is contemporary, modern, ancient or even primitive, is important to the company – both internally and externally.

Our company’s collection is a testament to our genuine and long-term commitment to preserving works of art and transmitting the message of the artists who created them.


At Verlingue, an appreciation of art is shared throughout our history: with Jules, founder of the company, a maker of earthenware in Quimper and creator of the famous Odetta collection in 1926, Jean-Yves, who built and developed the company’s foundations and was a collector of works by the Pont-Aven school, and Jacques today an enthusiast of contemporary art and original creations.


Tony Soulié

William MacKendree

Verlingue – Jacques Bosser

The journey continues, generating new and motivating projects

Works and murals born of the imagination of artists such as William MacKendree, Tony Soulié or Jacques Bosser adorn the company’s offices and provide added meaning, soul and conviviality for those who work there.

Art is a vehicle for thought and encouraging sharing and openness towards others  – you will find it permeating the company workplace, where we exchange views with our partners and clients… and adorning the pages of this website.

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