Verlingue goes fintech with +Simple.fr

Verlingue joins the fintech revolution with +Simple.fr to digitise its offerings for estate agents.



Real estate agents – a booming industry


According to the franchising website Observatoire de la Franchise, there are between 50 and 80 estate agent networks in France and nearly 38,000 active agents.


Just like platforms that have “uberised” other sectors of the economy, some networks have been able to capitalise on the new digital tools to provide a real estate service of high quality without physical premises. It is estimated that more than 10% of property transactions already take place using agents from these networks.



A unique insurance offering aimed at estate agent networks


Verlingue is a broker specialising in corporate protections and is today a benchmark player in the insurance market for the regulated professions, especially the real estate sector.


By joining the fintech player +Simple.fr, the first digital broker aimed at freelancers, professional people and small SMEs, Verlingue has been able to develop a unique digital service for its partners, totally integrated in the Intranets of the different networks thereby facilitating their access to customised insurance solutions in liability and legal protection.



Making insurance simple


Eric Maumy – the Verlingue CEO says: “Verlingue continues to innovate in order to further improve the customer experience. Our partnership with +Simple.fr is a perfect fit in this regulated-profession sector where we are able to pool our expertise with the leading developer of platforms for estate agents“.


Eric Mignot, chairman of +Simple.fr is very pleased: “This ambitious, large-scale partnership between Verlingue and +Simple.fr foreshadows a possible new type of relationship, that between a start-up and an insurance broking player fully committed to its own digital transformation“.