Verlingue in the media: Digital. The west is looking for talent

According to the latest figures from the Employment Centre, more than 2,300 jobs are available in the digital industry in Brittany. While, not surprisingly, it is the greater Rennes region which accounts for 1,300 of the listings, the other departments of Brittany have real needs they are struggling to meet.


(…) Last year, the Quimper-based company Verlingue – which operates internationally as an insurance broker for companies – hired around 20 people to fill digital-oriented positions. ‘We are going to hire another 20 this year in Quimper, Rennes and Nantes,’ notes Jean-François Faye, Information Systems Director for the group, which has a headcount of 900, including 150 in the IS department alone. ‘Of course there is a war for human resources because everyone is looking for skilled, experienced candidates. But we are not just recruiting on the basis of education. In general, we are looking for engineers, but this the work of people with real passion and we find self-taught individuals to be very appealing because some of them are extremely advanced.’


Le Télégramme – Jean-Marc Le Droff