Verlingue is digitising its services for real estate professionals

As a digital pioneer, Verlingue, insurance broker, is investing heavily in digital innovation and transformation with the aim of improving customer experience and constantly meeting their latest requirements.


Having organised a series of workshops with their customers to better understand their specific expectations regarding streamlining and smooth running of services, Verlingue is now launching the Immo@ccess and DO@ccess (Structural Damages) web platforms aimed at real estate professionals, property management companies and administrators.


These 100% digital innovations form an integral part of the “Be Digital” plan that Verlingue is deploying with the aim of expanding the transformation of its business, streamlining its IT systems and creating new and innovative services for its customers.



Immo@ccess, the digital solution for professionals in the real estate business

Aimed at property management companies and lease management, Immo@ccess can be accessed directly from the www.verlingueimmobilier.fr site. “The idea is to simplify the routines of our professional real estate customers by giving them easy and straightforward access to our services from all devices, whether PC, tablet or smartphone. We have designed this digital solution with our customers and for our customers, “ adds Stéphane Grandchamp.


The Immo@ccess web platform allows real estate professionals to:
– Access their contracts and download required documents (benefit levels, etc.)
– Easily report claims and keep track of their progress
– Convey progress reports to their own customers
– Access the latest developments and tools associated with their environment
– Get in touch with Verlingue representatives and keep a record of these discussions.



Verlingue Immobilier is also launching DO@ccess, an online subscription site for Structural Damages.

Digital has become an essential element of our real estate solutions. It is a key competitive factor and a powerful lever for transforming our service model. These new services have been very well received by the first customers to test the solution,” reports Stéphane Grandchamp.



Verlingue Immobilier supports key players in the sector, from property management companies to administrators, from development to construction, by offering tailored insurance and risk management solutions. Verlingue Immobilier is one of France’s leading brokers and offers customised and personalised services.