Verlingue launches its #2018 strategic plan

Verlingue has launched its #2018 strategic plan with the ambition to grow in a difficult environment by focusing on the strengthening of its consultancy expertise, risk management services and employee benefits.


Verlingue continues to develop. Jacques Verlingue (Chairman) and Eric Maumy (CEO) presented the new ambitious Verlingue #2018 strategic plan to staff members and detailed the challenges facing the organisation.


2011 – 2015: a new stage in the company’s growth and transformation

Verlingue ended the year 2015 with 6% growth in revenues, despite a strongly degraded economic situation and a difficult regulatory environment. It achieved the objectives of its strategic plan with growth of 80% over five years and 200 new staff, specialising in commercial risks and employee benefits, coming to boost existing teams. In parallel, the organisation continued its digital transformation and expansion out into the regions. Based in Quimper (Brittany), Verlingue now has a presence in 16 metropolitan areas. The major event for Verlingue in 2014 was the takeover of De Clarens, leader on the French insurance market for real estate professionals. This was the largest inorganic growth transaction in the insurance broker sector for the last 5 years.


#2018: a broker that is a leader in regional France and in its specialities whilst expanding in Europe.


These are the main pillars of #2018:


. Strong organisation across provincial France: “We achieve 2/3rds of our income in the provinces, split equally between mid-market and large corporations where we have been expanding regularly for over 10 years. Our ambition is to become the largest commercial lines broker in the regions by 2018” says Eric Maumy.


. Special expertise in real estate, financial institutions, healthcare institutions and the life sciences: “These four sectors represent today 1/3rd of our income and we have considerably strengthened our expertise, which enables us to provide ever better customer service, whether it be to property managers, banks or healthcare institutions. These types of businesses have very specific risk exposures that only specialists are able to address”.


. Customer satisfaction: the company aims to stand out from the crowd due to its services which are its trademark and which have enabled it to achieve a retention rate of 97% on portfolio business. Verlingue began its digital revolution in 2006 and will be accelerating the transformation of its businesses. The group is projecting major investments in this area by 2018.


. Widening its growth targets: – Already a specialist in mid-market and large businesses, Verlingue has announced its intention to accelerate in new segments by accompanying SMEs in their risk management and employee benefit strategy. – The company has also detailed its ambitions for growth in Europe: in the UK, first of all, where it has been trading since 2006 and shows strong growth and then into several European countries where it aims to carry out targeted inorganic growth. Verlingue has in addition reinforced its management team with the recruitment of a Foreign Subsidiaries Director.


. Development and vitality of its talents: According to Eric Maumy, “Talent First has always been our motto and always will be because our industry is embroiled in a war for talent. Recruiting the best, giving them the means to flourish in our organisation and catch the updrafts is a major challenge in satisfying our customers, implementing our transformation projects and more widely fulfilling our ambitions. Even if Verlingue is a very attractive company, we must reinvent ourselves in order to delight our staff so that this is passed on to our customers. This is a major issue in an organisation where “Do business, respect people, have fun” is a motto of great relevance for staff in their quest for meaning”.