Verlingue to welcome WBN’s global conference in Paris in October 2017

After the excitement of New York in April, the 57th Worldwide Broker Network* Global Conference will be heading for Paris from 25 to 28 October 2017 where 250 brokers are expected from 6 continents for discussions and work on international insurance programmes.


Verlingue is a founding member of WBN, the largest network of independent brokers in the world, and will be organising this conference around plenary sessions, technical workshops, the sharing of experiences, and business opportunities. The event will be attended by renowned experts and executives from French and international insurers and client companies.


The 4th largest insurance broker network in the world


With more than $5 billion in combined annual revenues, more than 17,000 staff and 500 offices across the 6 continents, WBN has become a major player in the insurance industry, ranking 4th among all broker networks in the world relying on:


-leading companies in each insurance market with their precise knowledge of the local business environment, regulations, economy and culture,


-a network that shares a common demand in terms of expertise, innovation and customer satisfaction,


-size and business dynamics that count when dealing with the main global insurers.The network can provide the right corporate risk and employee benefit solutions anywhere in the world.


Verlingue, a truly international business.


Helping to organize this global conference in Paris is symbolic of the international presence achieved by Verlingue over recent years.


Verlingue, a French broker, has written its European ambitions into its #2018 strategic plan and has several inorganic growth plans under wraps.


With 17 locations in France, locations in the UK (under the Finch Insurance brand) and a major presence in Switzerland following their acquisition of Advantis in 2016, Verlingue provides support for several hundred clients in their international development by relying on the strength of the WBN network.  


Francie Starnes, WBN’s CEO and Eric Maumy, Verlingue’s CEO – Deauville, February 1st 2017


Eric Maumy – the Verlingue CEO says: “We have changed dimension in recent years. Just like Verlingue, WBN is growing at a fast pace and this energy is a considerable advantage for our clients in conquering world markets. Verlingue is pleased to host WBN’s Global Conference in Paris centring on the new challenges facing companies in the areas of risk and employee benefits“.


Francie Starnes – WBN’s CEO says: “WBN’s semiannual global conferences highlight the high degree of expertise and collaboration that exists between our members and which has made us the 4th largest broker network in the world. We will be off to Paris in October with the support of Verlingue, a key active member of our network in Europe and in the world”.