Verlingue is linking up with WeProov in the field of remote assessment and management of claims for road traffic accidents

Launched in 2016, WeProov is a French start-up company that has just been awarded the Grand Prix international Tech 2018 at the Paris Motor Show for its mobile phone application.


This application, which is available in both IOS and Android versions, gives drivers the ability to take a full photo-scan of their vehicle if it is damaged and to produce a report that cannot be faked, that is timed and dated and includes the geolocation of the vehicle. This solution therefore makes it possible to attest the condition of a vehicle, remotely check the condition of a fleet of vehicles, carry out remote assessments and costings of damage or file a claim.
The WeProov application thus saves time because the driver does not have to go to a garage to have photos taken of the damaged vehicle.


Assessing a vehicle with WeProov optimises the downtime of a vehicle that requires repair. It also allows policyholders to cost slight damage in accidents where they are not responsible, thereby making it possible to pay compensation and/or initiate recourse in double-quick time.


The partnership between Verlingue and WeProov thus contributes to optimising the quality of customer service while enabling everybody involved in dealing with an accident to use the information about it in their own way and in their own time.