WBN (Worldwide Broker Network), the 4th largest global network of brokers

Verlingue, a founding member of WBN (Worldwide Broker Network), 4th largest global network of brokers, supports companies in their international expansion.


With 17,000 employees present in over 100 countries on 6 continents, WBN has become a major player in the insurance industry.


The network enables companies to obtain a clear view of the risks to which their subsidiaries and establishments are exposed worldwide, to have at their disposal up-to-date knowledge of specific regulatory requirements and to protect their company and their employees internationally with simple and effective solutions in all areas of insurance.


The strength of the network relies on:

●    leading companies having an excellent knowledge of the characteristics of each market with regard to insurance, regulations and local cultures

●    a network sharing a mutual requirement with regard to expertise, innovation and customer satisfaction

●    a size and dynamic that attract the attention of the primary global insurers


The network is in a position to propose tailored company risk and social protection solutions and services throughout the world.


Verlingue, firmly focused on the international market


Present throughout the world with the WBN network, Verlingue has continued to expand in France while always searching for new territories with growth opportunities in Europe. In October, Verlingue announced a new major partnership with a Swiss leader in insurance brokerage: S&P Insurance Group.


Verlingue has 18 locations in France, Great Britain (Finch) and Switzerland (Advantis and S&P Insurance Group).