Welcome to our Talents: tailored induction programmes

To keep pace with its dynamic growth, Verlingue recruited almost 100 Talents in 2017. When a new staff member joins the business, a tailored induction programme is prepared for him or her, to help them discover the company.


Verlingue integrates and trains its Talents, whether recently qualified or experienced, from all training institutions (graduate schools, business and engineering schools, universities, etc.) and all business sectors (consulting, high-tech, etc.).


On his first day, the staff member is issued with his Welcome Pack, a welcome booklet summarising the main information about the company and the induction programme prepared by the HR teams and his manager.


During his first 6 months, the new Verlingue Talent meets the teams managing his recruitment on 3 occasions. Several progress reviews are also organised with his manager at different stages.


These discussions give him an opportunity to express his feelings, ask any questions he may have and discuss his state of progress with the induction process.


Throughout this process, the new staff member is assisted by a Welcomer or a mentor, who is available to answer his questions, to explain how things work in the company and to help with his integration.


Three months after his arrival, the recently arrived staff member presents his discovery report to his manager and his Welcomer, in which among other things he covers his recruitment, his view of the company or the welcome he received. This is also the occasion to suggest any ideas and best practices to be introduced.


The integration process ends on the Welcome Day, an event organised twice a year at the head office, involving more than 40 staff from the various offices, in the presence of Verlingue’s managers.